The decision of the Senate of the University of Latvia (UL) on the establishment of the Educational Research Institute (ERI) was adopted in December 1996. The need to establish the Institute was determined by many international comparative education research projects, which have been implemented by the IEA Latvian National Research Center since 1992.


The aim of ERI is to develop educational science in Latvia in accordance with the experience of modern European and world research, emphasizing the international comparative dimension in educational research.

The main tasks are:

  • develop, coordinate and implement educational research programs, developing an interdisciplinary approach to educational research,
  • to further develop the scientific direction of international comparative education research in Latvia and a stably functioning system for continuous international comparative evaluation of education by participating in international comparative education research programs (IEA associations, OECD organizations, etc.), developing appropriate recommendations for education policy in Latvia,
  • to develop criteria and methods for determining and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of education,
  • to improve and develop educational study programs (new master's and doctoral level study programs, sub-fields, study courses).

ERI is a structural unit of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art.

ERI represents Latvia in the IEA Association and its research, as well as in the International Student Assessment Program of OECD organizations.

During the operation of the institute, a new science sub-branch was created in Latvia - Education Management. Research results are regularly published in monographs, including abroad, in scientific journals and collections of articles, and reported at conferences, congresses and other events. The results and experience of international research projects have made a significant contribution to the study work.

The perspectives of the ERI are related to Latvia's full involvement in world education research and development processes by participating in the research activities of the European Union, OECD and other international organizations, thus gaining comprehensive, reliable and internationally comparable information and new knowledge about the Latvian education system and its development trends. which would also help to develop and make informed decisions in the field of education management and policy.

Main research directions:

  1. International comparative education research.
  2. Education management.
  3. Measurement and evaluation of education.