From 31 January 2019 till 30 January 2021 a team of researchers from the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia in cooperation with partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Belgium has implemented the project “MyHUB - a one-stop-shop on inclusion practices, tools, resources and methods for the pedagogical staff at formal and non-formal educational institutions” (604454-EPP-1-2018-1-LV-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN). Project partners have collected materials and good practices tested in international practice for implementing inclusive education at different educational levels. Annotations of materials are already available in English, Latvian, Bulgarian, Greek and Dutch in the MyHUB repository. The MyHUB Handbook contains an information on the principles of inclusive education and the situation in the project countries.

In the video presented above, Agnese Slišāne, a teacher of economics and business at Ogre Secondary School No 1 and a PhD student of a study programme “Educational Sciences” at the University of Latvia, shares her experience in the field of inclusive education and expresses her opinion about MyHUB materials. Having worked as a school teacher for almost 10 years, she has observed that inclusive education is a daily necessity, as students with different needs study in each class. According to her, teachers' understanding of creating an inclusive classroom environment is especially important. Agnese has learned about the MyHUB project from the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia and her colleagues, which have given a positive feedback after using the materials collected on the MyHUB platform. Agnese believes that the main value of the project is the availability of materials. Each teacher can find useful information for their needs in the MyHUB repository. Agnese believes that the materials are not only educational, but also practical, those not only help to better understand inclusive education, but are also useful for improving pedagogical practice working with students. She recommends to use the MyHUB project materials, because those are useful for teachers, interest education leaders, young people and everyone involved in education. The MyHUB materials are valuable because they highlight the importance of inclusion and education for everyone.