From 31 January 2019 till 30 January 2021 a team of researchers from the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia in cooperation with partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus and Belgium has implemented the project “MyHUB - a one-stop-shop on inclusion practices, tools, resources and methods for the pedagogical staff at formal and non-formal educational institutions” (604454-EPP-1-2018-1-LV-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN). Project partners have collected materials and good practices tested in international practice for implementing inclusive education at different educational levels. Annotations of materials are already available in English, Latvian, Bulgarian, Greek and Dutch in the MyHUB repository. The MyHUB Handbook contains an information on the principles of inclusive education and the situation in the project countries.

In the video presented above, Nora Jansone-Ratinika, a director and leading researcher of the Centre for Educational Growth at Riga Stradins University, shares her experience in the field of inclusive education and expresses her opinion about MyHUB materials. Currently, her main areas of interest are continuing education of academic staff, innovation research, analysis and improvement of study process quality. Nora believes that inclusive education significantly improves the quality of studies, so it is worth researching and evaluating its quality. Nora is involved in the development of inclusive education policy, as well as in the organisation of further education, and works closely with colleagues at the University of Latvia and other experts in inclusive education on a daily basis. Nora and her colleagues use the handbook and repository developed in the MyHUB project to improve the institutional policy of inclusive education, to develop various didactic materials, to improve the study process and in further education. She believes that the materials collected in the MyHUB repository provide a rich insight into global practice and improve everyone's understanding of inclusive education initiatives, as well as offer practical, usable tools and methodologies for improving inclusive education practice. She recommends the diverse use of the materials collected in the MyHUB project in higher education. Everyone will find useful information - students, teaching and administrative staff.